A Google Maps mashup of sporting events and weather data. I went through the tedious task of finding the geolocation of each baseball park, football stadium, and NASCAR track.  I then used a custom Perl script along with metadata for National Weather Service radar to find the nearest radar for each park or stadium.  Then I went through and personally chose which of the closest weather stations that I felt was trustworthy and put all of this data into a personal configuration file.  Forecast and current weather data is then drawn from the National Weather Service using PHP and AJAX to retrieve the info based on the geolocation of the stadium.

At this point most of my time has been spent working “under the hood” and eventually I will get to making it more aesthetically pleasing.  It currently is a shell of what it is going to be. Still plenty of improvements to come including animation of the radar overlay as well as a more detailed hourly forecast during the span of each sporting event.  Like many websites, I really don’t know if it will ever be finished as I keep thinking of new improvements.

There is also a mobile version of the site that I threw together in a night for fans that may be tailgating or at the game and want to know what the weather is doing.  This mobile version will detect if you are using a mobile browser and automatically redirect you to the mobile site. An app is in the future but since I’m only a one man team, time to create (and learn how to create) an app is a challenge.  Then again, I taught myself how to do everything on so I look forward to the challenge of learning new things.

You can check out the site at